Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love is Kind!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Everything went quite well. Brandon started to get annoyed with the baby because he was having a bad night but instead of getting upset at him for feeling that way and not helping, I decided to practice patience and take the baby off his hands. I was surprised how I get re payed by Brandon though, He was so sweet about it and so nice. He even gave me a back massage last night. It was so sweet of him.

Today's dare is about being kind. Kindness is something that I often give to Brandon. I am always thinking of others and how to brighten their day so this shouldn't be too hard. It breaks it down in to 4 categories:

-Gentleness  - I am pretty gentle with Brandon's feelings most of the time. Sometimes when I am angry I use my words to hurt him but I am going to work on not doing that anymore.

-Helpfulness - I need to be more helpful and give Brandon what he needs. What better time to start than his text message just now asking me to bag up the trash and he will take it out.

-Willingness - I need to learn to compromise more.

-Initiative - I have been working on doing this. I need to greet him right when he comes home even if I am stressed.

My dare today is to do something as an Act of kindness and don't say anything negative. Lets see how this goes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love is Patient

So if you know me you know that I don't always have a ray of patience coming out of me. I get upset easily and sometimes get pretty frazzled when life doesn't go my way. I need to work on having patience with my husband. I have a lot of patience dealing with my children. I hardly ever lose my head with them. I don't know why it is so much easier dealing with my children than it is dealing with my husband.

The Love Dare says that "Love will inspire you to become a more patient person." I don't know if that is all true. I love my husband but it doesn't make me more patient but I am willing to give this a try. I need to start having a deep breath when I am upset and keeping some of my opinion to myself. I usually sigh or get upset and then my husband wants to know why and bothers me until I tell him and by then I am more annoyed with him.

I do LOVE one part it says on day 1..."Patience is where Love meets wisdom." I totally believe that. Also, one other part asks questions like, Can your spouse count on having a patient wife to deal with when they mess up? My husband most definitely can not. I try to keep a level head when he messes up but I don't always think he is human. I think everything in his life should go perfect but I expect forgiveness when I screw up, How fair is that?

Well off to see how this will go. I will try to update tonight!

New Adventure

So my new adventure that I am going on is actually trying to be a better wife and mother. I have been reading Proverbs 31 and trying to become her. I want to have my husband and children singing my praises and doing everything that she did. So, I am starting the Love Dare. I will take you step by step everyday about how it is going with my husband and I as we begin going through it.