Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Presidential Pictures and Stories This book is great for any history buff that wants to know more about the presidents. This book will give you a lot of insight and knowledge into what they were like on a day to day level instead of just what you imagine they are like from the news. It was very interesting to see how much some presidents interacted with the photographers and even going as far as building a "home" for them in the White House. Then it showed how some presidents were weary and the photographers started changing how many pictures and if they were even allowed. This book was given to me free in exchange for a honest review from NetGallery.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sargento Cheese

OK....My kids are the pickiest children in the entire world. They won't eat anything new or different unless you trick them into it. I received a VoxBox from Sargento Cheese and rushed out to the store to pick it up. I was so excited. My kids loved the cheese carrier and both wanted to use it. They even tried the cheese!! It is so easy to whip up some cheese and crackers or cheese and grapes and them love it and it be HEALTHY!!!! Thank you Sargento Cheese! #ChooseSargentoCheese

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Heart of the Matter

This book was really inspiring. It makes you sit back and look at your life and different things that happen in your life with a different point of view. It specifically asks in the book "Do you think any person would honestly ever choose to be sick, Have unhealthy relationships, etc." Of course they wouldn't. Things happen in all of our lives as well as habits that each of us have. We just need to have a different perspective when looking at out lives. There is a see, hear and feel technique that is explained in the book which is great. It helps you understand and cope with you emotions. This technique can work with anyone from 2 to 92. What an amazing tool to have. The book will help anyone but especially anyone that has ever been hurt in the past (who hasn't?) cope with the emotions that they still have from that event. I was given this book to review by HayHouse Book Nook.

His Treasure By Sheri Rose Shepherd

This book is fantastic! It has a very appealing cover, as well as great illustrations inside the book. It is little enough to fit in your purse to read when you have a moment but still big enough to be able to read all the words on the page. Each section starts off with "My chosen daughter" or "My child" which I love to see. It is one more way to remind me that I am God's Child. I have spent the last couple of weeks going through the different pages of this book and reading when I am available but I have really looked forward to getting up in the morning and reading a page from the book. The quote I love the most from this book is "If the devil can't make you bad, his next trick will be to try to burn you out". How uplifting that is to hear. It makes me realize that the Devil doesn't just make you do bad things but also it can burn you out of being good. Another quote I love is "When you have no idea what to do...Be still and wait for God" Love this also. It really hits home that if I don't know what to do about a situation, I just need to chill out and wait for God to show me the way. I was given this book by Tyndale to give my personal opinion.