Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life lessons from the best teachers

Another lesson learned from my favorite, tiny teachers.

Each day I learn more and more about Brooklyn and what makes her so excited. It is never the big things that create the best pleasure for her, it is always the little things that I think we all need to slow down and see....

* a band-aid - For whatever reason Band-Aids are so awesome especially if they are colorful
*pushing the button to open the microwave. My excitement equivalency; pushing the button to launch the space shuttle.
*Picking out a worthless toy at the $1 store. My excitement equivalency; picking out my new (not off the clearance rack) shoes.
*a few chocolate chips. My, I'm going to call it E.E. (excitement equivalency) so I don't have to keep typing it, is the whole bag of the expensive chocolate.
* a sleep over. My E.E.; my honeymoon.
* a 25 cent ice cream cone. My E.E; dinner, a movie, and then a BIG ice cream cone.
* glitter. My E.E.; diamonds.

A few more pleasures; riding in the front seat, getting mail from someone, stickers, play-doh, ringing the doorbell, mopping the floor and washing the dishes (that won't last long). I could go on and on, and I have, but my point is (I think) that this isn't going to last forever. Pretty soon they'll be saying, "I don't care", "why do I have to mop", "It's not my turn to get the mail", "I'm not riding in the cart, that's for babies!" Most of the time I'm in the mood where, I don't want the play-doh out because it's messy, or I'll say that they don't need a band-aid unless they're bleeding. Seriously! What is a few cents on a stupid band-aid that will make her day? Or, I'm famous for saying, "no, let me do it, it's faster." Where's the fire? Why do I need the floor mopped at warp speed, when I KNOW that using the Swiffer Wet Jet would be the talk of the 1st grade for a week! Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I have to do everything for everyone, but how long will it be before they don't need me at all? :(

Lesson learned from my favorite, tiny teacher. Slow down, relax, and enjoy life's simple pleasures. And most importantly, enjoy every bit of every stage that my child is in. I learn from her everyday about the person I should be. Please pray for me that I won't fail her, she deserves the best. I hope she NEVER stop enjoying life and it's simple pleasures.

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